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Mastermind Event

Hosted by CEO Adrienne Graham!

Live Remote Event From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!


I am TIRED of seeing of seeing mastermind after mastermind, event after event, focusing on mindset, marketing & branding without actually helping women plan for real growth and scale.

And I WANT YOU to join me!

***Payment Plan Options Available***

Over the past few years, and especially during the pandemic, I've seen a whole lot of "experts" rush to social media and the internet to push the "grow through marketing, social media, social ads" schtick. I've even seen a few plan these elaborate events (pre and post COVID) where you can pay them five figures to be in their presence and learn "all you can" from them at some mansion or fancy ass penthouse hotel suite. But you don't learn a thing about scaling, growing or running a company effectively.

Well I'm here to tell you... that ain't ME. I wanted to create an experience where you walk away with the KNOWLEDGE & TOOLS to BE WEALTHY.

Here's you're chance to work with me in a one on one and group setting for less than my private advisory or VIP Day sessions!

I'd take advantage if I were you!

Here's what's going down. I want to help you grow a scalable, profitable COMPANY. One where you are the CEO in every aspect but working smarter not harder. So we'll spend 2 1/2 days together re-engineering everything to make that happen.

Here's what we'll be doing:

Dissect your business and workshop through roadblocks.

Come up with immediately implementable customized strategies to help you grow.

Taking all the emotions out of hiring to make better, strategic hires & building (and keeping) a kick ass PROFIT GENERATING TEAM.

Talk about the financials of being a CEO & how to make more & keep MORE of what you make (including a peek into the world of Angel Investing).

Smart, strategic partnerships/alliances to better serve clients AND make more money.

Identify additional untapped revenue sources within your business (make more money!!).

Create dashboards & metrics to measure your true KPIs & KPAs.

Optimizing your products, services & operations (tweaking that business model a bit).

A discussion about funding & raising capital.

Getting & staying in a REAL CEO role in your business (removing yourself from the day to day...and late nights).

Hot seats & role playing to help walk you through solutions.

One on one AND group advisory sessions.

Ask ALLLLLL the questions you have (yes, PICK MY BRAIN) to help you reach your goals & key business results.

This will NOT be a boring classroom or a conference room with lectures and performers and speakers and all that jazz and fluffery. Just you, me and a few peers coming together to mastermind in sistership in the "War Room" with some REAL TALK, KICK ASS STRATEGY and real world PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS that you can implement immediately. I don't plan on talking about mindset stuff, but if you have a question, we can get into it. And definitely NO marketing, branding or social media stuff.

WHY you should attend you ask? Let me break it down some more...

And a few other surprises I have for you!

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